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Hexagon Finance provides independet stock analysis that helps you rethink your investment. Available on your smartphone at any time, for more than 4000 US stocks.

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The most relevant financial insights, well structured and easy to understand. Experience a new way of discovering investment possibilities with our app.


Our rating system is based on a wide array of institutional data. Relying on six key indicators we evaluate a unique stock rating to support your financial decissions.

Alway In Sync

Our rating is daily updated after market close to provide you with up to date information. Keep track of your favorite stocks with our push notification service.

Take your investment to a new level

Hexagon Finance makes financial data understandable for everyone. Our service allows you to keep track of important developments and to make qualified decisions.

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Latest News

Get the latest stock related realtime news.

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Add an unlimited number of stocks to your favorites.

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Receive push notifications when the rating for your favorites changes.

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Hexagon Rating

Use our six key indicators to rethink your investments and keep ahead of the market.


User Avatar Sebastian

Sebastian R.

Product Manager

Rating gets updated daily. I'm curious whether the performance can be maintained.

User Avatar Ella

Ella H.


Interesting suggestions for Small- & Midcaps (US stocks only) paired with a great design.

User Avatar Fabio

Fabio B.


Excellent for less experienced stock trader. Intuitive use and a solid rating supporting my trading.

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