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Investing in stocks is not rocket science. Our vision is to support as many people as possible in their investment decisions.

Digital Mindset

The financial sector is a state of change, and customers are demanding individualized and digital offerings. This new generation invests more frequently, online and on the go. We recognize these needs and offer smart, digital solutions.

Rainer Gabel



Banking and Finance professional with strong expertise in product development, process optimization and digitalization.

Data Science

Nanodegree in Programming for Data Science. Machine Learning with Python scikit-learn and TensorFlow.

Market Experience

More than 10 years of trading experience. Including trading in bonds, shares, warrants and CFDs.


With Flutter SDK we develop native iOS and Android Apps from a single codebase.


Firebase SDK provides us with functionalities like authentication, noSQL database and crash reports.

Compute Engine

Working with Compute Engine, our rating algorythm is running on the same infrastructure as Google Search or YouTube.


We create exceptional products with outstanding tools.

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