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Ranking according to your needs

Hexagon Rating

Sort by Hexagon Rating, to see which stocks are best according to our distinct rating.

Dividend Yield

Sort by Dividend Yield, to display shares that stand out with a positive Hexagon Rating as well as a particularly high dividend.

Market Capitalization

Analyze companies according to their Market Capitalization.

The stocks you are looking for


Use instant search to find stocks you're interested in. Search for over 4000 US stocks. Get the Hexagon Rating at first glance.


Add unlimited stocks to your favorites. Keep track on how they perform and what rating they have.


Receive Push-Notification whenever the rating of one of your favorites changes. Checkback for financials or news to rethink your investment.

Analysing stocks can be easy

Use the Hexagon App to easily get the latest institutional data for your stocks. Intuitive use guaranteed!


Evaluate your investment decicions with our Hexagon Rating and use our intuitive color scheme to check our rating at a glance.


Get up to 5 year of historical chart data. We use end of day data and provide you with split and dividend adjusted prices.

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We provide intraday news from over 3000 global news sources including major publications, regional media, and social.


Get basic information about your stocks. Included is information about company snapshot, earnings and performance.

Upcoming features


We focus on continuously upgrading our offer. This includes the development of the app, data preparation and enhancement of the Hexagon Rating.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important on capital markets. We want to contribute and show you how to invest into sustainable conpanies.

Data Coverage

Starting with US stocks, we already cover up to 45% of the global market shares. We intend to expand our service to the global stock markets.

This is a small insight into planned features. To push the development forward please share our app and recommend it to your friends if you like it.