Hexagon Indicators

Our Hexagon Rating is based on six key indicators, which provide you with a unique, outperforming stock rating.


We evaluate the companies' profitablity by analyzing their balance sheet and financials.


Historical performance is a key indicator. We are convinced that trends will continue.

Market Dynamics

In addition to the individual performance, the overall market trend also plays an important role.


You can easily trade our top picks with your broker. They all have heavy trading volume.

Stock Price

Our rating ensures that no penny stocks are recommended as Hexagon Buy.


The strategy is designed for mid/large caps. Therefore we take market capitalization into account.

Hexagon Rating

Our intuitive color scheme enables you to check our rating at a glance. For our top rating we have completed a backtest. See the historical statistics below.

Hexagon Buy






Hexagon Buy Backtest

Historical Statistics

Steady growth with max. 22.10% Drawdown.

Outperforming the market.

Ø 19.21% return p.a.

Sharpe Ratio: 1.01

Excellent balance between return and risk.

More than 17 years of historical backtesting